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Todays plans.

Nothing beats Luna pictures to make you miss your bus stop! Have no fear, I clocked in at 8am SHARP! Do keep in mind, I sometimes take hours to prep a post. Not because I think of what to say but I have work and work is more important! So, while I’ve been working on this post, hours have passed. 😀

New week! We’re going to have a heat wave! Where is my bikini. Maybe I can get a tan on those milky legs of mine for a change. If I can get myself to sit outside.. But, games. 😦 The outside has no games! Only sun and birds and trees and.. that stupid dog! BUT! I have a challenge to do. But. Games. But…. but…. PRIORITIES. I can’t decide. So many thing to do! All these decisions! My heart breaks. 😥

What I WILL be doing today is my weekly update! Tonight. Not right now. Don’t be so impatient, I’ll get to it. Eventually. Hmm, what else is there. OH! My challenge. I REALLY need to get back to this.. SO. TODAY! Drawing challenge! I think I’ll also try to work on that audio thing I mentioned before since my fiancé has the late shift and I don’t have to “fear” him hearing it. It’s embarrassing enough as it is talking to thin air. I don’t need him to “accidentally” hear me and look at me funny.

Hmm. I should add cooking to the list. Cooking is important too. Now, what am I going to cook. Damn, I knew I should have gotten that bok choy.. No time for shopping today. Also. NO MONEY. Since I did not get my pay yet! I hope my landlord doesn’t mind me paying 3 days later. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t since I’m consistent in my rent. Every 1st of the month. It’s not because I get paid the 25th that he gets his money the 25th. I have rules, bruh. Very important rules. Or.. habits. I guess you’d call them habits.
Lets just stop talking about this. This stuff just gets me all weirded out.

Fiancé stole my spoon. As if the kitchen doesn’t have enough spoons.

3 responses to “Todays plans.

  1. Scott Danzig June 29, 2015 at 2:06 PM

    I was telling Luna that it would be insensitive to make a long post on a Sunday evening. Glad you still made it though, and hopefully your landlord is a decent person 🙂

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